The Spuhr Interface

A chain is no stronger than its weakest link. The Spuhr Interface is a light weight solution that enables the user to mount accessories absolutely rattle-free with perfect fit.

Instead of fitting our products with meters of Picatinny rails adding a lot of space and undesired weight while making them less comfortable to hold onto, we decided to make a small interface that has no weight – in fact, it has a negative weight as we remove material to create the interface.

The interface consists of two threaded holes with dual conical parts that will hold the items very securely with excellent repeatability. We manufacture a broad range of accessories for the Spuhr Interface, such as Picatinny parts, direct mounts  for various sights such as Aimpoint Micro, Trijicon RMR, Docter, Delta Point, and other special items. The direct mount has the advantage of being stronger and sturdier than if using a Picatinny in between, with lower profile and tighter mounting, and most importantly – lower weight.

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