MP5 Upgrades

The HK roller delayed series of firearms all suffers from far too long stocks. This is especially apparent when it comes to short users and the use of body armor. 

To make the situation better we have made a new stock for those guns. It´s a 6-position stock assembly with replaceable cheek pieces allowing for different sight solutions. The new stock will make it possible to adjust the length from 180-260 mm / 7.09”-10.24” and also raise the cheek piece and butt plate around 20 mm (0,8”). That way the LOP (Length of Pull) can be adjusted to the current clothing or the current user of the gun. It will make the gun more controllable as the stock is more optimized after the user.

The MP5 Forend is a lightweight modular forend, which follows the same general design as our G3 forend. The R-301 also fit the HK53. 

The MP5 Top Rail allows the user to attach optics to the MP5. As with our G36 and HK417 forends, the rail has a smooth design for ease of handling and higher repeatability.

We also have some different toprails, both with directmount for Aimpoint Micro and with ordinary picatinny rail. Please ask your point of contact for more information