HK G3 Upgrades

We initiated the HK G3 Upgrade Project because we thought this weapon has the potential to remain in service and relevancy for years to come. With a few changes the precision is very good. The project goals were to give the user better ergonomics, a new forend, Picatinny rail on the top, and prepare a standard interface for a new stock.

The HK G3 is one of the western world’s great battle rifles, and it has proven itself to be very reliable and very accurate. Unfortunately most users feel that the G3 is old and has passed its prime.  But with many thousand of G3s still in use around the world we wanted to see if we could adapt the G3 for today’s standards. We feel that we have succeeded and in many aspects the G3 with our modifications is as usable and serviceable as the AR10’s or HK417’s of today, but with a strong favor to the G3 as to reliability and price.

Stock Design

The main disadvantage of the G3 Rifle is the stock design tailored for the low iron sights. Due to the design with the long receiver the low iron sights forced the stock to have a ”hump” just behind the action. This ”hump” is also known as the ”cheek bone chrusher” for reasons that become painfully obvious to most. To prevent a collision between the”hump” and the shooter’s face they made the stock terribly long. It’s almost 75mm/3” longer than an M16A2 stock. This was not a positive thing in the old pre-body armor days, but today it’s a huge problem, and it makes the G3 cumbersome, heavy, and difficult to control.

We have therefore created our own solution with a buttstock that is much shorter and have the comb about 25mm/1” higher which aligns the shooter with the optics.

The gun feel lighter as it’s closer to the shooter, it’s shorter and is easier and faster to mount to the shoulder, and the recoil is easier to absorb as the boreline is lower – now it’s actually controllable in full auto!


We made a new forend that have almost the same outline as the original with the same weight as the HK plastic forend (190 gram/6,7oz). It is very well ventilated so the barrel cools quickly and gives the user the option to add sections of Picatinny where he needs it at 3, 6, or 9 o’clock. The forend is also very comfortable and gives the advantage of allowing the shooter to grab around the forend with a modern grip to manage the recoil, which is hard to do with a Picatinny forend.
As our forend have Spuhr™ interfaces on 3-6-9 o’clock it offers you the convenience of using the same rail sections as on our scope mount or our G36 forend.