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Some thoughts on export

As we are located in Sweden our products do not fall under the auspices of US ITAR regulations (unless they are imported into the US before being shipped somewhere else) and we are therefore able to ship most of our products worldwide without the need for any export permits.

However, we do get the occasional request from individual customers who want us to write a different content or - more often - a lower purchase price on the customs declaration. This is something we will not do under any circumstances.

Though some might think it's a "somewhat innocent fib" such actions can result in black listing, where any shipment from that specific sender will be seized and searched by the customs authorities, and it may doom a company from ever being able to conduct government sales into that market ever again.

We therefore hope that everyone understands that helping a customer save a handful of euros/dollars/(enter your currency of choice here) in the short run may cost a company millions - if not more - in the long run.

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