This may not be the most exciting video for an audience that is used to all kinds of fun and cool firearms related products and night vision mounts. But in order to produce all those fun and cool firearms related products and night vision mounts to the standards we've set for ourselves we have to verify every step in the process lives up to expectations (from the Ardbeg in Håkan's tumbler to Eric Hsue's photos used in our packaging.)

Today we're doing routine calibration of our CNC equipment. We're down to 0.001 mm (that's less than 0.00003937") in deviation.
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This afternoon we've been busy in the back office (or at least we saw to it that our newest employee stayed busy there): we've just added our 30 mm Aesthetic Rings for SAKO/Tikka Optilock bases in the webshop.The Aesthetic rings gives you the patented diagonally cut rings for enhanced visibility in a more aesthetically pleasing format for traditional hunting rifles. They come in three versions:

ARS-30-23 with a Spuhr Interface on the front ring
ARS-30-23A with Spuhr Interfaces on both rings
ARS-30-23B without Spuhr Interfaces for a more "classic" look.

The 36 mm version will be back in stock in August.

We've also done some restructuring in the webshop where the product lines that are the most expansive (yes, Picatinny mounts, we're glaring at you!) have been sorted by tube diameter and tilt. We hope this will make things a little easier for you.
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New 6.5mm Creedmoor is up and running! Stiller TAC-30 receiver, PROOF Research stainless steel barrel, Mirage ULR SRZ chassis, Spuhr AB mount from Mile High Shooting Accessories and Kahles K624i from HPS Optic / Kahles Distributor. ... See MoreSee Less

Quick look at the new Spuhr AB SP-4016 mount I'm putting the Vortex Optics Razor Gen 2 4.5-27x56.

Looks heavy but actually there is a lot of material removed from underneath it which keeps weight down. The spirit level on the back left side is a nice touch and I'm impressed that you can get an adapter plate for your T1/T2 or RMR.
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