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RE Factor Tactical showing how it's done
using a Steiner M5Xi in a Spuhr QDP-4046 on a... ..well, just watch: www.instagram.com/p/BViW9RQDkVa/
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1,057 Likes, 13 Comments - RE Factor Tactical (@refactortactical) on Instagram: “Sometimes when you bring the thunder, you get lost in the storm. #50cal #barrett #bigdickprobs…”

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It's been a week from Worldshoot, and I finally found some time and energy to write something on Facebook.

First I want to say thank you for all shooters, RO:s and organizations who made the worldshoot possible. It was an honor to be there and be a small part in the huge competition. Organizers did it as good as it's possible to do, and I couldn't see a single thing to do better. Awesome job IPSC Russia.
It was really nice to meet all of you old friends and to make lots of new ones.

Competition was mentally and physically really hard to me. I made a lot of mistakes in first two days. During the second day I was really crushed, and I knew that I'm out of the podium if I continues like this. My offhand shooting was totally missing and I even picked one mike from full size IPSC target at ~40m :( it was a rough day. With good music and positive self talking, I managed to get up and to shoot three decent stages at the end of the day.
On third day morning I decided to start shooting like a man, and it worked. Third and fourth day I didn't do any mistakes.
I had a nice lead for fifth day, and I decided to play it safe. Good decision but I played it too safe. Raine and Jarkko came really close at the end, but I managed to keep them behind me 😃.

Thank you to my sponsors, supporters, friends and everyone else who has been there and believed in me. Thank you to my wife and son for being so understanding and supporting. I know it can't always be so easy with me 😃. Thank you Mika Riste for being a friend and mentor. You have done a lot for me, I really appreciate it. Thank you Ahti Muhonen for Kicking my butt and talking sense to my head. Thank you to my boss Tapani Mäkelä, for allowing me to be off work several months before the Worldshoot. You are the best boss that I could have.
Thank you Gustav Persson and GP-Rifle for been trustful friend and supplier. Everything has been working like a dream. Thank you JP Rifles for your amazing rifle. It was easy to shoot with full confidence, since my CTR-02 worked perfectly as always, not a single malfunction.
Thank you Lapua, SK and Vihtavuori for supporting me and producing world finest ammos, components and powders. It is easy to shoot when you know you will hit, where you aim.
Thank you Swarovski Optic for clear and sharp image.
Thank you Spuhr for making rock solid grounding for my scope and red dot. It is almost art that you are producing.
Thank you Aimpoint for making the best red dot in the world. My H2 was really important at the worldshoot, and I used it a lot.
Thank you Pilla for making my vision perfect. It is easy to shoot when you don't even realize that you are wearing shooting glasses. Light weight, comfortable and color/contrast what ever needed.
Thank you Taran Tactical Innovations for the best magazine extensions.
Thank you Nord Arms for my carbon fiber bipods. Used them a lot at the worldshoot.
Thank you Toni System.
Thank you FrogLube.
Thank you Kuntosalus for offering a modern and good atmosphere gym, full of professional workers. I enjoyed every time I was there...Well, to be honest not every time, but as they say, no pain no gain. BOOM 💪.
Thank you Johanna Varonen and Joy Training for professional personal and mental training. It was fun :).
Thank you Ruutisavu indoor shooting range for providing nice range for .22lr indoor training.

Video is from third day morning after my decision to start shooting like a man. Third on that stage with time 16.56. 15A 5C. I was happy :).

More videos and pictures later.

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Thank you, Spuhr for making such an incredible mount. Right down to the fasteners, my 3001 is utterly fantastic!!!

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