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15 May 2017


Löddeköpinge, Sweden
Alliance, OH

Spuhr i Dalby AB, the international defense industry’s leading professional grade optic and accessory mounting solutions manufacturer, announced today the retention of John Chapman and John Spears, of Forge Tactical LLC, as Brand Ambassadors and Product Development consultants. “I am excited to work with Chappy and John Spears,” said Håkan Spuhr, Founder and Innovator at Spuhr i Dalby AB. “Their level of application and technical expertise, combined with their ability to communicate directly with our end‐users, makes Forge Tactical a natural fit for Spuhr.”

John Chapman, Director and Instructor at Forge Tactical, said “John Spears and I are honored to be trusted as Spuhr’s ambassadors to the end user community. Spuhr’s legendary innovation, quality, and application‐centered design philosophy align perfectly with the principals upon which we founded Forge; and as long‐time users of Spuhr products, we have absolute confidence in their ruggedness, precision and suitability for our military, law enforcement, self‐defense and recreational shooting clients.”

About Spuhr:
Founded in 2007, Spuhr i Dalby AB (CAGE SGD61) is a leading innovator and manufacturer of advanced mounting solutions and weapon upgrade kits. Originally focused on mounting solutions for NVG equipment, the revolutionary Ideal Scope Mount System (ISMS) – introduced in 2010 – has become the premier mounting solution for snipers as well as recreational shooters and hunters around the world. The company’s unique products embody a focus on strength and light weight without sacrificing user friendliness. Today Spuhr i Dalby AB have several government contracts for scope mount systems, GLM sight mounts, and weapon upgrade kits.

About Forge Tactical:
Forge Tactical is focused on supporting the mission of our nation’s armed citizens, law enforcement officers and military professionals through evolved, realistic training. For a fighter to realize their potential, judgment, physical skills, weapon handling, marksmanship, leadership and aggression must be repeatedly blended and shaped in the pressure and heat of realistic training. Forge Tactical helps fighters achieve this potential through the delivery of programs that guide the student through the building of skills into techniques and techniques into procedures. More information about Forge Tactical can be found at

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