The Spuhr SM-200 adjustment device is intended to be mounted on the top or the side of a spotting scope to hold laser range finders or other lasers that lacks own zeroing capabilities. What differentiates Spuhr’s solution from other solutions is that it’s rather compact and it has a quick detachable rail on the top.

When mounted on a spotting scope, the LRF can be quickly detached and reattached without losing zero. It’s also possible to have one adjustment device on the spotting scope and one on the rifle scope and use the LRF on both devices as the adjustment device stays on the main optic. Of course, this also means that the LRF can be used as a handheld device when needed.

The adjustment device is dust protected with rubber sealings.

Adjustment click value: 0,2 Mil
Weight: base approx 230 gram total
Size: 94x70x33 mm
Build height over Picatinny: 21 mm
Adjustment range: +-10 mils in either direction